> On 26 Aug 2016, at 23:52, Joshua Spiva <jsp...@emdinc.com> wrote:
> Sorry Vincent I missed that initial question. I am using Database store. I 
> have actually found that document you linked before and verified that the 
> attachment size setting was adjusted as it recommends. Still not luck.

As I mentioned a few times you must use the filesystem attachment store for 
large attachments. In my previous mail I mentioned:

So to sum up:
1) Use filesystem attachments if you’re not
2) Check the link I gave you

At 2) it says for the DB store: “[…] but attachment size is memory constrained 
since the attachment content and archive must all be held in memory. As a 
general rule, attachments larger than 30MB are not possible.”

Still at 2) it says for the FS store: "it also means you can save larger (over 
one gigabyte) files.”

So my recommendation is still to do 1), i.e. to use a FS. Next question you’ll 
have is how to port DB to FS and the answer is in the link I gave for 2).


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>> On 24 Aug 2016, at 21:33, Joshua Spiva <jsp...@emdinc.com> wrote:
>> I understand this is working for others. I am just seeing if anyone can 
>> point me in a direction that will allow me to resolve the problem on my side.
> errr. I did that! BTW you didn’t answer my question...
> So to sum up:
> 1) Use filesystem attachments if you’re not
> 2) Check the link I gave you
> Thanks
> -Vincent
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>> Hi Joshua,
>>> On 24 Aug 2016, at 20:14, Joshua Spiva <jsp...@emdinc.com> wrote:
>>> I have been having issues with increasing attachment size in xwiki for a 
>>> little over a year now and it really hasn't come up too often but I am at 
>>> the point now where I need to be able to upload more than 23mb. I have read 
>>> every article I can get my hands on and here is what I have done so far to 
>>> try to resolve the issue.
>>> I know 9gb seems excessive but its more or less just a test. The 
>>> largest files I will be uploading are 75mb
>> Are you using filesystem attachments in XWiki?
>> http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/Attachments
>> When I last tested filesystem attachments, I was able to upload a 1GB 
>> attachment with no issue.
>> Thanks
>> -Vincent
>>> Versions:
>>> Tomcat 8.0
>>> Xwiki 8.2.1
>>> MySQL 5.6
>>> I have adjust Tomcat's server.xml file with the following:
>>>     <Connector port="8084" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
>>>     connectionTimeout="20000"
>>>     redirectPort="8443"
>>>     maxPostSize="9000000000"
>>>     URIEncoding="UTF-8"/>
>>> I have adjusted Tomcat's web.xml file with the following:
>>>     <max-file-size>9000000000</max-file-size>
>>>     <max-request-size>9000000000</max-request-size>
>>> Xwiki 
>>>     Max Attachment Size is set to 9000000000 MySQL
>>>     max_allowed_packet=9000000000

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