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> Hello Everyone,
> I have managed to install XWiki Enterprise v.7.4.4 and have a few questions
> before really getting started.  There are a few things that are unclear to
> me.  Here is an overview for what it will be used for:
> We have several teams: Computer Support, Sales, Warehouse, QA,
> Ops/Development, Office Administration.  XWiki will be used as a
> knowledge-base for known issues, procedures and file hosting.
> We want to have everyone be able to search for and create new pages/articles
> in any wiki except for Office Administration and perhaps 1 other.  Also, for
> example, you are in the "Support" wiki and perform a search - we want search
> results from content in the "Warehouse" wiki to be included in the results.
> 1.  Would you recommend that I create a "Wiki" for each department?
> 2.  When creating the user accounts, should I create them while in the
> "Home" wiki (which is called Home by default installation), or am I doing
> that incorrectly?  I am logged in as the Admin user and going to Administer
> Wiki > Users and Groups > Users > Add New User.
> 3.  When installing extensions/applications - should I "Install" or "Install
> on farm"?  I'm not quite sure what the "farm" is.  Is it the Sandbox?
> I ask because I tried to create a "new Wiki" and it is like I have to start
> from scratch again and create those user accounts in that wiki as well and
> adjust any cosmetic changes, changes to the skin, applications/extensions.

Should should probably take a look at
but here is a short summary related to you questions.

When you install XWiki what you end up with is a "wiki" which happen
to also be the main wiki of what we call a "farm" (a farm being
nothing more than a container of wikis with no real visual existence,
it's just a synonym of a XWiki software instance in practice).

So to answer your first question here are the main differences for you
between a wiki and a space:
* applications are installed at wiki level so if you don't want your
team to share the same applications data you should probably have
different wikis
* each wikis has it's own user and they can also use the users of the main wikis
* each wikis can have it's own domain name (but you could also make
each space have it's own domain name with some URL rewriting in front
of XWiki with Apache for example)

If you don't have strong desire of isolating your teams you should
probably stay with a single wiki (which is easier to manage) and a
dedicated space for each of them where they can but their stuffs
specific stuff and make the rest of the wiki common to all teams.

> 4.  As easy as it seems, I am having a very difficult time with the Panels
> Wizard.
> I have several other questions, but feel I shouldn't ask them until the
> above are answered.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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