That was very helpful, thank you.  I have decided to go the route of
pages/dashboard and nested pages.  It just makes more sense.  I will create
another wiki to contain the sensitive information and give certain users
access rights.

This is a bit unrelated to my question, but I searched the forum and
FAQs/guides but couldn't find an up to date answer.  I am looking for a
template to be able to use for a hardware model of a computer.  I have been
using the "Encyclopedia" template and altering it from there.  I suppose my
real question is how can I save my altered version as an actual template,
and name it "Hardware Model Template" or something like that so if someone
chooses that template, they can just fill in the blanks?  How would I go
about creating a template?

XWiki software is very good.  By far the best wiki software that I have
used, and I've tried almost all of them.  I am confident that we are going
to stick with it.

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