I don't understand very well how new ACL working with nested page with 8.2.1 
compared to spaces ACL on 7.x version

About ACL, what use on xwiki 7.0.1 is:
- read for XWikiAllGroup (everyone)
- write + create page for "XWikiEditeurs" on  "Encyclopédie" space (and read 
for every other page on this wiki)
(I know wiki spirirt mean everyhome can write but my Boss...)

then what I use on xwiki 7.x:
- on main xwiki, I forbidden Edit for XWikiAllGroup
- on "Encyclopédie space" I allowed "edit" for "XWikiEditeurs" (+ read and 
 and forbidden "edit" for allow only "read" and "comment" for XWikiAllGroup
because I know that in my case, ACL on space overwriting wiki ACL

When I upgrade from 7.0.1 to 8.2.1, I encoutered ACL problem, no one could 
create page on all the wiki :-/

I find that the cause is "forbidden Edit for XWikiAllGroup" on main wiki.

My questions is: how ACL overwriting working with xwiki 8.2.1?
Is ACL right with "Rights: Page & Children" is similar to space ACL?
What if I apply some ACL rights on a page under "Encyclopédie" and next I apply 
different ACL right with "Rights: Page & Children" on  "Encyclopédie"?  Rights 
of children page are removed?

To conclude, do you know which ACL I must apply to have same rights thant xwiki 
(I must apply ACL right on ALL first level space?)

Thxs for any help.

Pascal B
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