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>> >
>> > So, questions:
>> > -
>> Devs, am I right that rights should be set on WebHome?
>> What you are talking about is
>> space rights and space rights always
>> been
>> set in WebPreferences. Changing it would be a breakage.
> Right I agree ACL is still in WebPreference page but I understand what Marius 
> said: children pages in a space (a page on the xwiki root) have space.webhome 
> (and not space.WebPreference) for parent...

You are mixing different things here. The "parent" you are taking
about is related to the deprecated parent/shield relationship based on
document parent field. Right now the parent of the entity "Space.Page"
is entity "Space" and Space.WebHome just happen to store this entity's
displayer while Space.WebPreferences store its rights.

>> > - Devs, what's the
>> actual effect when rights are set on
>> >
>> Enciclopedie.WebPreferences?
>> Depend what right you are talking about. If you
>> set XWikiGlobalRights
>> it will apply to the
>> whole Enciclopedie space. If you set XWikiRights
>> you will set the right for the document
>> Enciclopedie.WebPreferences.
> I understand that: If you set rights access on Encyclopédie.WebPreference 
> page:
> - "rights: page & children" are applied on children pages ... and 
> Encyclopédie.WebHome!
> -" rights on page" are applied on Encyclopédie.WebHome (XWiki.XWikiRights 
> objects are added)
> Then I don't know which rights are applied if "rights: page & children" and 
> "rights on page" are different?

As I said you have 2 different classes to set rights. XWikiRights
apply to the document where this object(s) is stored.
XWikiGlobalRights is used for wiki level or space level rights
depending where it's located (XWiki.XWikiPreferences document for wiki
rights and <space>.WebPreferences document for space rights).

> I suppose that "rights: page & children" must be "rights: children pages" 
> instead ?

No, the global rights apply to WebHome too since it apply to all the
documents in the space.

>> > -
>> Pascal, did you set the rights manually on that page?
> On xWiki 7.0.1, yes Global xwiki right and encyclopédie space rigt, then I 
> upgrade xwiki to 8.2.1 and I encoutered the problem
>> > - Were the rights set as space rights
>> before and were wrongly migrated/kept
>> >
>> on the wrong document?
> Previous rights are well migrated but my user couldn't create page anymore.
> To resolve my problem I apply again correct rights without success. But 
> during my chat with Thomas, we saw that is is not a right access the problem: 
> rights are correctly applied but "+" icone is not displayed: 
> http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-13699

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