Hi list,

Vincent Massol has asked for code review after official docker image
annoncement and though I am no Docker expert, I have found a few leads to
reduce image size and might have some suggestions to improve it.

With 3 little changes I have gained about 500 MB, but I still have to make
sure everything still works.
- 200 of those MB where gained by a commonly used trick : adding
"--no-install-recommends" option to apt-get.
Some packages that are commonly installed with libreoffice might have been
skipped and I still have to determine if it's OK or not.

- The other 300 MB are safe. Most of it comes from "RUN chown -R
tomcat8:tomcat8 /var/lib/tomcat8" being moved inside the same layer as the
curl xwiki.war && unzip.

docker images
REPOSITORY                               TAG                 IMAGE
ID            CREATED             SIZE
xwiki-mysql-tomcat                       after
b05844c94dd0        7 seconds ago       1.157 GB
xwiki-mysql-tomcat                       before
174d549368d5        2 hours ago         1.689 GB

As soon as I have checked this works, I'll do a pull request.
In the meantime, code is online on


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