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> Hello,
> I want to draw a UML Diagram with the XWiki Plugin "PlantUML". As I tested 
> it, I found a problem with the feature of including links in the diagram.
> I can't connect an URL to an object, because XWiki seems to import the Macro 
> as a picture (something like jpeg or gif). 
> There is a good Manual on how to insert links on the HowTo Page of 
> PlantUML.com ( http://plantuml.com/incubation ). The one I tried was a very 
> basic test:
>       @startuml
>       Bob -> Alice : ok
>       url of Bob is [[http://www.google.com]]
>       @enduml
> The problem with this is, that you can't click on "Bob" as a link because the 
> link is not passed through to the XWiki page. 
> Maybe you have an idea how to solve it or could tell me if there is a way to 
> work around this.

I’ve not used this extension but its source code is at 

For example looking at:

I see (for an externally configured plantuml server):

  println "[[image:"+serverurl+"img/"+encoded+"||style=\"max-width:100%\"]]"

This means this will call a URL to the plantuml server and that it returns an 
image which xwiki only displays.

I’ve used your example here:
 and it works for the link (because it’s an image + an image map).

So AFAICS the reason it won’t work as is with xwiki is that the url used by 
xwiki to get the image is 
 which returns only the image and not the image map.
Haha… found something. There’s another url to call to get the map:

So it’s very easy to add support for this. The code needs to be modified with 
something like this:

def htmlMap = “${serverurl}/map/${encoded}”.toURL().text
println “{{html clean=false}}${htmlMap}{{/html}}"

And that should work! :)

You should create a jira issue at http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/PLANTUML for 


> Thank you in advance
> Kind regards,
> Timo Dachs-Wegmann
> -IT-

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