Hi Vishal,

That’s an interesting feedback. We’ve tried to already solve this issue in 
recent versions of XWiki by having a simplified Page Creation UI but apparently 
you think there’s still a problem so we need to discuss that to try to find a 

> On 20 Apr 2017, at 07:31, Vishal <thewikinote...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I want to display Page Name field only while page creation.
> By default currently it is shown as:
> <http://xwiki.475771.n2.nabble.com/file/n7603546/Screenshot_2017-04-20-10-45-56-615_org.png>

Note that on this screenshot the only thing that the use fills is “Title”. Why 
is that causing a confusion?

Technically we have both notions: Page name and Title. But in the UI shown to 
the users they only see Title (and internally set the page name to be that 
title). So they don’t need to know about the Page name concept. I’m curious to 
know why your users know about the page name concept.

> It is creating a lot of confusion for my users between Title and Name, and I
> don't suppose to explain it to them all. They couldn't understand this
> complexity..

You just need to explain to them the title concept. I’m referring to simple 
users of your wiki. Of course if you also have developers doing scripting in 
the wiki then they probably need to understand both concepts.

Now if you really want to explain the difference between the 2:
* Page name is to control the URL displayed, so that you can hand-craft nice 
URLs for SEO reasons or other
* Title is simply what gets displayed in the UI when you view a page

> 1) I wish to remove the Title field from this Page creation dialog and
> display url field instead.
> Currently, by clicking the pencil/edit icon, the parent and name fields are
> displayed.
> <http://xwiki.475771.n2.nabble.com/file/n7603546/Screenshot_2017-04-20-10-46-13-434_org.png>

Only advanced users have the options to click this pencil button. And our 
rationale is that advanced users know the difference between page name and 

> 2) Is there any way to set this edit icon by default to display these
> fields?

I’m lost here. You’re saying that there’s a confusion and you want to always 
show both fields? :)

> 3) And can I rename Name field to URL/Link to clear the confusions??

If you’re prepared to bring changes to your instance, you can modify everything 
in xwiki. You can do this by creating a custom skin and overriding the 
createinline.vm template.

But first I’d like that we find an agreement about what would be best for XWiki 
since maybe there’s something we need to do on our side to clear any confusion.


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