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Word of caution about promoting “The decimal system” rather than “The metric 
system”.   In the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland 
etc, the “decimal system” is used to describe the coinage system that replaced 
pounds, shillings and pence, while the “metric system” is used to describe a 
system of weights and measures. 




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I was thinking the other day that some people think the word "metric" is 
foreign.  That could be one of the monkey wrenches that keeps our country 
mostly using legacy measures.


So, since we use a decimal system of coinage, I propose that we call the metric 
system of weights and measures simpl;y the "Decimal" system of weights and 
measures.  That is what it is!

In the United States, We can retain all the labels like liter, kilometer, 
meter, millimeter, hectare. etc.


Now, think:  The "Decimal" system of weights and measures.

Does that sound OK?


...Parker Willey Jr.


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