On your website, It is a good idea to explain that:All the units of
electricity and magnetism are derived from the meter, kilogram, coulomb and
second. Till exempel, the volt is defined, such as if an electric charge of
1 coulomb changes electric potential by 1 volt, there is energy exchange of
1 joule. As a consequence, an electrical current of 1 amp thru 1 volt for 1
sec delivers energy of 1 joule, which is the kinetic energy of 2 kg moving
Similarily, the unit of magnetic field, 1 tesla is defined as if an
electric charge of 1 coulomb is moving at a velocity of 1 m/s perpendicular
to a magnetic field of 1 tesla, it experiences a force of 1 newton
perpendicular to both the magnetic field and velocity vectors.
Einstein's famous equation, E = m x c^2 works only in metric: m is in Kg, c
= 3 x 10^8 m/s , E = energy in joules, 1 wh = 3600 (watt-sec or joules). 1
more reason to dump the stupid moronic idiotic foot/pound system and switch
to metric.
Thus in the metric system, 1 Kg of matter that gets completely converted
into energy, would generate 9 x 10^16 Joules or (9 x 10^16/3600000) = 2.5 x
10^10 KWH
To apply Einstein's famous equation in non-metric units, the unit of energy
would be defined as the kinetic energy of 2 units of mass moving at a speed
of 1 unit of length/sec and the speed of light in vacuum expressed in units
of length/sec.
Since we already have 1 Volt x 1 Amp x 1 sec = 1 Joule of electrical
energy, for non-metric units, you would have to define another obscure unit.
Also, please use international date standard year-month-day , write date
the way you write Numbers in Mathematics most signifikant -> least
signifikant. do internet search on ISO date standard.
The US passport does not use the twisted stupid date format with the day in
the middle.

Den ons 25 mars 2020 11:57Parker Willey Jr. <pawil...@pacbell.net> skrev:

> Thank you to all who critiqued my web site:
> sites.google.com/site/mymetric and pointed out that it didn't look right
> on a smart phone.
> When I originally put up the site, about 15 years or so ago.  I didn't
> have a smart phone then.
> Over the last few days I have been working on updates to the site.
> We need to let others know about the site and help eliminate the weights
> and measures *KLUDGE* and replace it with simple!
> ....Parker
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