I’m writing you about some troubles I’m having with the use of meta-ettus
and all related layers for the yocto project.
As part of an academic project, I have to create a Linux distro with the
yocto project to run on an USRP E310. I’m totally new to the yocto/USRP
concepts so I have a lack of experience :-)

So far, here is what I’ve done :

1) downloading the pocky-rocko packages on the yocto official website
2) initializing the environment (source oe-init...)
3) modifying the /build/conf/local.conf file to make it compatible with the
target machine, so I wrote : MACHINE ?=“ettus-e3xx-sg1”
4) then I started adding new layers such as meta-oe from openEmbedded but
when I type “bitbake-layers add layers ../meta-oe” I got an error saying
that the MACHINE is invalid. Of course if I switch the machine back to
something more classical like qemux86 the layer can be added correctly

I don’t really know what to do then...

Another important point is that my host machine (on which I’m building my
distro) is not connected to internet and won’t ever be. So I can’t use any
repo or things like that, and will have to manually download all the
sources fetched by bitbake when I want to generate the final image.

If you had any ideas or tips that could help me it would be awesome !

Thanks in advance,

Antoine Laval - electronics engineering student
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