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I have used flask/bottle with nginx/uWSGI gevent loop with great success for 2.7

Its now time for me to move on up to 3.6

I see that uWSGI supports asyncio but does not appear that the use of asyncio with flask is heavily supported by the community

What are the python 3.6 frameworks as closest top flask as possible that will use uWSGI asyncio? e.g. aiohttp? sanic?

Well, the question really becomes, I guess, what do you use of Flask?

As you've mentioned, aiohttp is well supported, and makes life quite easy (I've used it a fair bit myself).

A friend of mine is also developing APIstar ( https://github.com/tomchristie/apistar ) if all you need is APIs.

what is the uWSGI python that needs asyncio with 3.x using for a framework?

I'm not clear what you're asking here...

It appears that I can still use gevent with flask with python 3 but this is a monkey patch to force async wherase asyncio is native

Gevent was always a monkey patch, and was frequently not the performance panacea many people assumed it would be... too many jumped on the "OMG async!" bandwagon, without properly understanding the implications.

That said, if you found it worked for you, yes, you can keep using it.

uWSGI also supports other loop engins:


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