On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 12:59 AM,  <aa...@correspondwith.me> wrote:
> I'm working on a RISC-V target for V8. Currently the LLVM toolchain for
> RISC-V is less mature and accessible than the GCC one (which is available
> upstream as of GCC 7.1 or thereabouts), so I'm wondering if and how I might
> could the V8 build to use GCC to compile V8 (so that I can run V8 as a whole
> in QEMU before getting the in-tree simulator up and running).
> Thanks. :- )

It's been some time since I last tried it but passing `is_clang=false
use_sysroot=false` to tools/dev/v8gen.py should do it.

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