Hi Clemens,

Thanks for your answer. I already had that thought. But copying data is just 
not an option. 

To make my scenario more concrete:
I habe data in main memory, easily tens or hundreds of gigabytes. Programs fly 
in requiring to access the data. Some programs are short-lived, some will take 
a long time to compute. Some programs are executed only one, some are executed 
repeatedly. So I will have to JIT compile many programs to WASM modules. 
Copying the data into the memory of each module would totally kill performance. 

Another idea that comes to my mind is to create a single WASM memory object and 
implement a designated allocator to allocate memory for host objects in that 
WASM memory. Then I could import this memory object into the modules... Would 
that be possible? How would the guard pages affect this approach? (I am 
thinking of jemalloc on WASM memory.) 

I understand that the problem I am proposing is somewhat in contradiction with 
the WebAssembly idea of sandboxed modules. Anyways, I believe solving this 
would make WebAssembly make an attractive choice for JIT compiling general 
purpose languages. 


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