Which one would you recommend we (VSCode) use?

Today, we are using cached data, but I wanted to find out if a startup 
snapshot would help us more. I've crammed all of VSCode's source code 
(except third party node modules) in a file and I've created a startup 
snapshot using `mksnapshot`. I would have thought that the startup snapshot 
would beat the current cached data usage on startup speed by a long shot...

I was surprised to see that all of the time gains of using a startup 
snapshot (~200-300ms of code loading) is lost and then some while creating 
the UI (DOM and stuff...). It looks to me like the code that lives in the 
startup snapshot is fundamentally slower (50% or 100% slower), and that 
perhaps it does not use inlining? (see the deep stack traces below).

1. Before (using cached data)



2. After (using startup snapshot)


Is this expected? Cached data is always faster than startup snapshot?

We are on an oldish version of v8 (, as we're using Electron 


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