I am using Virtual Box (5.2.6r120293) for launching Microsoft Edge 
Windows10 vagrant box.

Vagrant box Version: 2.0.1
Virtual Box (5.2.6r120293)
Host OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Guest OS: Microsoft Edge Windows 10

I have kept all the configuration & environment files in host OS(Ubuntu), 
and the vagrant box(Windows OS) access these files pointing to the shared 
folder which is automounted as '*/vagrant*'

Recently in the windows vagrant box, I got an alert to apply latest 
security path, which I went ahead and did.

After applying the patch the Auto-Mount from the Virtual box has stopped 

I added below line in the Vagrantfile:

config.vm.synced_folder "/Data/vagrant22", "/vagrant", type: "virtualbox"

I also tried selecting the Auto Mount checkbox form the Virtualbox settings.

Still, the Auto Mount feature is not working.

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