There is an action going on regarding this issue. Please, find the 
explanation in some details here:

[Former issue #9426] Assigning private network to ETH2 interface got 
magically assigned to the ETH1 interface?! #9510

Private network IP assigned to wrong interface on vagrant reload #9546

Thank you,

On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 6:09:47 AM UTC+1, _nobody_ _nobody_ wrote:
> This is the perfect answer (which I knew already/yesterday I got the more 
> complete idea - the domain I am in is not so trivial). The only problem 
> here: I do NOT see/envision anywhere in such /bin/bash script 
> Vagrant/Vagrant environment?!
> We are talking here about Vagrant networking, ain't/aren't we???
> Thank you,
> Zoran

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