Dear residents of Goa
  [Gaunkars, Moradores,  Bhaille, NRGs, PIO, OCIs and long-stay tourists]
MONDAY 12TH NOVEMBER, 2007, AT 11.00 A.M.
  We have a date with Mr. Morad Ahmad the CTP of TCP. We have the RTI right to 
inspection of Government files. Let the elements combine under T.E.A.M. 
Together Everyone Achhieves More.
  If there is a traffic jam there is nothing to worry: we are, afterall, Goyche 
  By nightfall, let Digamber know that the people of Goa have seen the naked 
truth of what his Government is doing ... naturally not without his blessings!!
   Digambar, Aisa Kam Mat Kar!!
  Mog asundi.
  For details, read the message and oHERALDo report copied below.

Miguel Braganza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:            Dear GBA members,
  On 26 December, 2006 we were on the site to see "Work in Progress" at the 
Aldeia de Goa, Bambolim. Now they tell us that the hill was cut before 1997! 
Next the Goa Government will tell us we are not alive ...because our death 
certificate  predates our birth and that the original birth certicates are no 
longer traceable!
  While we are busy with paper and Powerpoint presentations to the Task Force 
the GREL seems to have been presenting the Government promisory notes signed by 
the Governor of the Reserve Bank. They have had a HAPPY Diwali, it seems, while 
even the Vicente Xavier Verodiano award presentation to GBA was plunged into 
darkness. Digu-baba was the former Power Minister of Monu-bab, after all. He 
knows the tricks of the trade.
12TH NOVEMBER, 2007, AT 11.00 A.M.
  We have a date with Mr. Morad Ahmad the CTP of TCP.
  Mog asundi.
GBA office <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
    Dear All,
  This is shocking news!
  The Government has regularised the illegal hill cutting at Aldeia de Goa at 
Bambolim.  Read the two attachments.
  Government has agreed to withdraw the stop work order issued to Goan Real 
Estates Pvt. Ltd based on GBA's complaint in December 2006 and has also agreed 
to withdraw the complaint lodged by the Town and Country Planning department 
with the Agacaim Police Station. 
  I have learnt that Aldeia de Goa had requested the Government to regularise 
the hill cutting with the excuse that the hill was cut prior to 1997 when 
Section 17A was inserted into the TCP Act - (Prohibition on cutting of hilly 
land). Government should have waited till investigations were completed and not 
withdrawn the FIR filed by the TCP with the Police. There's no excuse 
whatsoever for Government to regularise this blatant illegality. 
  It may be noted that change of land use was given based on RP 2001 - however 
subject to gradient.  The slope here is more than 25%. which is clearly visible 
as per the profile of the hill. Besides all present on the site on the day that 
the work was stopped could see that the hill was freshly cut and also sought to 
be camouflaged with jute sacking and paint. So whether it was 1997 or 2006 
(when the hill was actually cut and GBA had their first agitation at the site), 
the condition for change of land use applies. 
  GBA should not take this lying down or it will be a precedent and all other 
hill cuttings and illegalities will  be regularised by the Government with no 
legal reason whatsoever.  You may be aware that the Aldeia de Goa files have 
suddenly gone missing from the TCP office as well as the Panchayat office, and 
yet Government does not seem to be taking any notice of this, but is quick to 
regularise something as illegal as the hill cutting. 
  We have decided that a large group of us visit  the Chief Town Planner Mr. 
Morad Ahmed on Monday 12th at 11.00 a.m. to inspect the file and demand from 
him answers on what basis the regularisation has been carried out by the 
Government.  After that we may move on to the Chief Minister's office. 
12TH AT 11.00 A.M.

                Shock as govt approves Bambolim hill cutting

PANJIM, NOV 10 — In what appears to be a volte-face, the State government has 
regularised the cutting of hill slopes at Bambolim by withdrawing 'stop work' 
orders and the police complaint against M/s Goan Real Estate and Constructions 
Ltd (GREL). 
In an order issued earlier this month, the Town and Country Planning Department 
has intimated all departments concerned of the government's decision to 
withdraw the 'stop work' orders at survey numbers 95/1 and 96/1 in Bambolim 
The TCP order also states that the government has decided to withdraw the 
complaint lodged by the Agassaim police under section 17-A of the Town and 
Country Planning Act, 1974.
This move virtually gives a green signal to the controversial GREL's Aldeia de 
Goa construction project against which the Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) and 
environmentalists had fought tooth and nail for causing destruction of the 
environment, particularly the hill slopes of Bambolim. 
The officials from TCP have disclosed that the GREL had submitted an 
application and affidavit pointing out that works undertaken at Bambolim were 
prior to 1997. But section 17-A was inserted in TCP Act through an amendment, 
after 1997, hence not applicable to it. 
The officials further state that the government was apprised of the application 
and arguments therein following which directions were issued by the government 
to withdraw the police complaint and 'stop work' orders.
Meanwhile, a shell-shocked Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) over the latest 
developments is chalking out a future course of action. Unwilling to disclose 
plans at this juncture, Secretary of GBA Patricia Pinto said, "The best 
solution is to take the matter to the aam aadmi's court." 
Pinto rubbished submissions made by the applicant and expressed dismay over the 
government's decision to regularise the hill cutting at Bambolim.
She said: "The change in land use accorded to the real estate company comes 
under the purview of the Regional Plan 2001." 
She further explained that RP 2001 very clearly specifies protection of hill 
slopes. "Therefore no permissions can be granted nor regularization be 
accorded," she emphasized.
GBA fails to understand how the government and the State's TCP ministry have 
been allegedly hoodwinked into lifting the restraints, she wondered. 
Ridiculing the government for withdrawing the police complaint, Ms Pinto said 
that since an FIR had been lodged that the police should have been allowed to 
complete their investigations.
"The investigations would have brought to light as to when the hill cutting 
work was carried out," she said alleging that the GBA was certain that the 
works were carried out recently. EMDS

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