Goans have become difficult to handle after the mess that was Regional Plan 
2011 and the Special Economic Zones or SEZ that became pez in Goa. The only one 
so far to steal a march is Anil Agrawal of the Vedanta group. With Sesa Goa and 
Dempo Mining under its belt, Vedanta has about 4% of Goa's Geographical area. 
Soon Vedanta may decimate Goa. We are led  by pro-mining politicians, some with 
their hands already  red with ore, in the Goa Govt. It does not matter which 
party; everyone is invited ...or gate-crashes the party!
Now Churchill Alemao wants Konkani speaking Karwar and Joida talukas of North 
Kanara district of Karnataka to be added to Goa. [Konkani speaking, but Muslim 
dominated, Haliyal taluka is currently not wanted]. that is the "Samyukta 
Goa" demand.
Earlier, the "Vishal Gomantak" demand was to merge the Konkani speaking areas 
of Sindhudurg and Malvan of Maharashtra into Goa.
Atam hem!
Mog asundi
In the meanwhile, Government and Church-managed Primary schools in Konkani 
[Devanagri only] are continuing to lose students to English or Marathi medium 
schools across Goa from Patradevi  to Polem.
Amchem Goy, Temkam Zai!
Diviam kai?  

Border with Karnataka needs re-demarcation: Goa law panel 

Panaji, June 19 (IANS) Goa needs to re-demarcate its eastern boundary with 
Karnataka, based on the findings of the Justice Mahajan Commission constituted 
in 1960 - before Goa's liberation from the Portuguese rule - to protect its 
interests, Goa Law Commission chairman Ramakant Khalap said Friday. 
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a function here, Khalap said the 
state's eastern border as defined by the Portuguese was detrimental to Goa's 

"If we re-demarcate our borders on the basis of the data provided in the 
Mahajan Commission report, most of Goa's water resource worries would be over," 
said Khalap, a former minister of state for law in the central government. He 
added that there was a need to re-organise Goa's borders on the basis of 
geography and linguistic continuity as suggested in the commission's report. 

"Goa's present borders are only an accident of history. When the Mahajan 
Commission was appointed, Goa was still under the Portuguese rule. It is time 
we make use of the statistical data and findings of the report now, because Goa 
has already missed out on one opportunity in 1960," he added. 

Khalap said that Goa needed to safeguard its water resources which were under 
threat from excessive mining and diversion of its principal water source - the 
Mandovi, also known as the Mhadei river - by Karnataka. 

"Karnataka is trying to divert a west flowing river towards the east. The Goa 
government must use all its resources to ensure that the Mhadei water dispute 
between the two states is resolved," Khalap said. Goa's principal water 
reservoirs - Selaulim in south Goa and Anjunem in north Goa - also need to be 
protected from mining silt being dumped in them, he added. 

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