Hi Jeremy:

Nice job with the toaster. I have a question - since you're activating 
SpamAssassin on a per domain basis what is the purpose of installing 
qmail-scanner? I thought qmail-scanner handled anti-virus and Spam only on 
a low-level basis - as email enters the server - without regard to the 

Best Regards, Jeff Koch

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Jeremy Oddo wrote:

> Me again.  I have made a few small modifications/corrections to my
> "near-key-by-key" tutorial for getting a mail toaster up and running.
> It's based off of Bill Shupp's Toaster.  It includes SpamAssassin
> integration.
> I've also changes the URL.  Go to: http://www.jerfu.com/toaster
> Comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome!
> Jeremy

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