Looks to me this ("great") document is intended for use by
people relatively new and for people running RedHat, for the purpose on
setting up a vpopmail qmail solution. Anyway this is what I gathered
from reading the document in its entirety.

"By default, vpopmail (the virtual domain add-on for qmail) stores all
the e-mail under /home/vpopmail" 

(From the DOC, and what I assume you're commenting on Lanny)

        Lanny he is explaining a default vanilla type of install! There
is no reason to change the directory of an install unless of course you
know what you are doing. /home works just as well as /usr. Why deviate
away from what inter7 recommends?

        I for one, partition my disks so that /home, /usr, /boot, and
/var sit on their own partitions, and try to keep /usr some-what small
with all the space going to home. (On a server, not a desktop box) Like
Jeremy I don't like having X windows on a server! So /usr dose not have
to be huge.

"It doesn't make sense to start with a 'clean' box when all you are
Is changing mta and adding a few programs."

        Lanny don't you read? 

"You may want to install a clean operating system..."

"May" being the key word in that sentence. IMHO and experience a clean
BOX is less likely to break on you in a production setting. And RedHat
likes to link a lot of sendmail stuff that necessarily doesn't get
unlinked when you remove it.

Keep up the good work Jeremy. I'm working on a Gentoo Document, and it's
nice to have your document to compare to.

Eric L. Peters


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Just looking at your site and had to reply back with comments on #1.
First off, most people I know running vpopmail/qmail have an existing
server of some sort. They don't 'have' to run linux. Our installs never
have virtual users (vppopmail) with real system accounts. Hence the name
VIRTUAL. By the way, vpopmail on all our installations install to
/usr/local/vpopmail. It never goes to /home. Then again, the reason for
vpopmail is to not have the headache of system accounts

It doesn't make sense to start with a 'clean' box when all you are doing
is changing mta and adding a few programs.

Lanny Baron

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 14:18, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
> Me again.  I have made a few small modifications/corrections to my
> "near-key-by-key" tutorial for getting a mail toaster up and running.
> It's based off of Bill Shupp's Toaster.  It includes SpamAssassin
> integration.
> I've also changes the URL.  Go to:
> Comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome!
> Jeremy
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