I'm a relatively new user to vpopmail, and I'm looking for information
on how .qmail-default is handled for "normal" users, i.e. users not in a
virtual domain.  I've looked in various places and have not been able to
find information on how this is handled, so I'm hoping that someone here
might be able to point me in the right direction.

The issue I'm trying to resolve is that .qmail-default doesn't seem to
be called for users who are not in one of the virtual domains.  I put a
.qmail-default file in ~vpopmail/users/<username> and had it forward to
a local test account to verify that it is being run, but this does not
seem to be the case.  (the ownership is vpopmail:vchkpw) The larger
problem I'm trying to solve with this is to run maildrop to filter spam
to a folder in the user's directory, but even the basic case of
forwarding mail to another user does not seem to be working.  Any
pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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