> I am new to the group and just wanted to know how active this list is.
> could someone please mail me back and let me know.

I would assume you signed up for this list after seeing the subscription
options at http://inter7.com/vpopmail/

The very next line on that page tells you that there is a mailing list
archive available at
So, perhaps you could take a look at the archives there to see how
busy the list is...

> ALSO.... I am installing vpop and i am trying to figure out this part of
the install
> /* Edit to match your set up */
> #define MYSQL_UPDATE_SERVER "localhost"
> #define MYSQL_UPDATE_USER "root"
> #define MYSQL_UPDATE_PASSWD "secret"
> #define MYSQL_READ_SERVER "localhost"
> #define MYSQL_READ_USER "root"
> #define MYSQL_READ_PASSWD "secret"
> /* End of setup section*/
> that is inside the vmysql.h file. anyhelp would be great.
> I am new to linux and new to qmail, so please try and be specific.

Maybe take a look at my vpopmail w/mysql guide at

However, if you are only new to linux and qmail, it is unlikely that
you will need to setup up a mysql backend for your vpopmail.


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