> Hi, this has probably been asked several times, but...
> It is possible to reject a SMTP connection for a mailbox that
> does not
> exists?

I dont think you can do this
I do remember seeing a patch somewhere that allows it (maybe it was on
qmail.org?), but I think there are some pretty strong arguments as to why it
should not be done
The argument is along the lines of that the qmail-smtpd would have to launch
a simulated delivery attempt for every incoming mail message to determine
whether the account existed or not, and that would waste a lot of resources.

> What is the best way to deal with a bounce than bounced... Happens
> expecially with the vacation solution processing spam... It
> replies to
> an address that does not exists or is being bounced. The next thing I
> know is I get it in my mailbox being the administrator of the
> main domain.

This is not vpopmail related, its a straight qmail question

You can control who receives the doublebounce message using commands like
  # send double-bounces to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  echo 'doublebounce' > /var/qmail/control/doublebounceto
  echo 'yourdomain.com' > /var/qmail/control/doublebouncehost

That way if you dont want doublebounces to come to your mailbox, you can
send it elsewhere


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