Jeremy Kister said:
> *** On Sunday, September 01, 2002 11:47 PM, Clint Finnigan wrote:
>> and the optional
>> $ ./vdeluser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> *** ...and kept on writing:
>> Having postmaster available on one domain is a good thing though, since
>> many people wish to contact a person on a domain through postmaster@.
> actually, this shouldnt be optional.  Both RFC 822 and RFC 1123 _require_
> a mailbox called postmaster, so that the user "can be guaranteed at least
> one valid address"
> I suppose vdeluser should allow this to be performed, though, because the
> system's mail administrator may choose to forward this account to another
> valid email box..

You don't have to delete postmaster to do this. In fact, qmailadmin forbids
the deletion of postmaster. However, on my system, I have all postmaster
mail forwarded to my main personal account, even for non-alias domains, so
that I can see what's going on with all my domains.

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