First of all: no need to post to the list and me _directly_.

As you could have seen I'm subscribed, therefore I don't need the dup in
my inbox. Thanks.

On Fri, 4 Oct 2002 16:48:15 +0200
"Pereira Carlos" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> There s no stupid stuff there guy.
> The advise i ve posted was correct !!

No. The advise was partially correct.

> The only problem is that i used a html format to send the message and
> that s why you get this :
> <mailto:&[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Correct. Two lines, the second one wrong.
If _you_ have written this, or your MUA created such crippled stuff
doesn't matter.

> Sorry for making you react so badly !!!! This is just due to html !!!

So why not generally turning off HTML? And why not switching to a useful
quote style? Such as this one here (called 'inline quoting')? This would
additionally prevent you from _fullquoting_ when unnecessary, INCLUDING
the (in my case really short) signature ... 

> So he should put :
> In is .qmail file. That works perfectly.

Thank you for repeating this. Using a sensible quoting method would have
made this comment superfluous.

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