Vladimir, thank you for your mail,

If I understand you ok, you used an exported ldif file from netscape to 
setup all your existing mail accounts to qmail/vpopmail, right? Using 
ldap as auth engine on vpopmail's ldap module, or local userdb files?

My testing setup is using vpopmail's local cdb files. I should add ldap 
support to really migrate my current setup maintaining the current 
structure, but docs and comments from vpopmail people discourage me from 
ldap usage, so I'm worried on this. Why yes, why not?

You imported your cyphered SHA-1 strings from netscape database, ok. 
Then, once inserted in vpopmail users database, vchkpw and authdaemon 
recognize such SHA-1 strings to validate users' passwords?

Rick Romero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> pointed to --enable-learning-passwords 
as an alternate feature for some migrating projects. It's a good option, 
just in case. But direct support for SHA-1 password would be 100% 
straight to the problem.

And about mailboxes, I found out that their contents can be copied to 
each user's Maildir/new directory (after parsing them with any dos2unix 
tool, to remove extra trailing CR/LF). Good point is that it's an easy 
way to restore messages from the older server. Bad point is that all 
those old messages appear as new stuff in INBOX, not preserving previous 
folders estructure.

If you can send that work, it'd be great, thank you
Will keep in contact to discuss some migration questions, on list or 
privately if it becomes too specific for the list...

Vladimir Kabanov wrote:
> more than 1 year ago i've got almost the same questions, when had to migrate
> from netscape messaging server.
> as i found no answers, so decide to do work by myself.
> first of all, i wrote a small program on C to parse LDIF from netscape'
> exported user database.
> things got exported: mailboxes, quotas, aliases, forwarders, passwords in
> (yeah) SHA-1 standard.
> next thing: i found a way to create password hashes in SHA-1.
> as we have only one mail domain serviced by netscape there no support for
> domains parsing,
> but it shouldnt be too hard to add such support.
> mailboxes created leaved empty, all their contents leaved on old server, so
> users had to download their emails manually.
> if you are interested i can send you that my old work
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> From: "Gonzalo G. Agulló" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 1:13 AM
> Subject: [vchkpw] Moving from Netscape Mail server to Qmail+Vpopmail?
>>I'm trying to migrate from Netscape Mail to Qmail. I got qmail, vpopmail
>>and courier-imap installed, but I have some doubts about the migrating
>>path to get as many features as posible without users intervention.
>>I'd like to preserve the NS Mail ldap scheme for the users database
>>using Openldap, but I read some comments about advising not to use
>>vpopmail's ldap module but vpasswd.cdb local db or mysql db.
>>Currently it's running without ldap, just local cdb, and it's working
>>fine with Courier imapd, but courier-popd fails to authenticate (same
>>username and password is accepted ok via imapd). I configured popd to
>>use the same authdaemon configuration as imapd but it refuses all
>>logins. I traced logs, tested authtest tool and everything seems ok. If
>>I get back to qmail-pop3d with vchkpw enabled, it does work. Dunno why!
>>I also need to preserve users' current ciphered passwords (SHA-1) as
>>stored in ldap directory, but cannot find sha support in vpopmail
>>(despite courier's authdaemon understands SHA passwords). How can I keep
>>users passwords, if possible?
>>My users currently use a "username.domain.com" scheme as pop usernames
>>to login to their mailboxes at Netscape server. I'm trying to use the
>>dot as domain separator when they login to vpopmail/courier, but I
>>didn't find info about that subject. Is that supported?
>>My target is qmail+vpopmail+ldap+courier+imp to get the same services as
>>of netscape, with mailboxes contents and users database transparently
>>moved to qmail, but I don't have a clear migrating path yet to get the
>>same features with no user impact. :(
>>Advice would be very welcome, specially on users directoy, sha-1 and
>>domain separator stuff.

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