> > Oct  7 18:03:02 morrison vpopmail[15408]: vchkpw: setgid 89 failed
> What user your POP3 daemon is running as? ('-u' switch in tcpserver
> clause if you make use of tcpserver)
> --

I do use tcpserver, did not have any specified user or group, read that it
would inherit the $envuidgid so it would be taken care of. However now I
added "-u 89 -g 89", restarted the whole chebang (using the qmailctl
restart - command copied from lifewithqmail.com) and received a new error,
dont know if that is a step forward or backwards =)

The new error, running as 89 89, is:
tcprules: fatal: unable to create /etc/tcp.smtptmp.4400: access denied
-ERR authorization failed

What is it Im missing out of here?

// Kanzie //

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