The SQL md5 function won't work for these passwords... it seems that
vpopmail uses another md5 like algorithm.

 So the encripted password will always be different between MySQL and


El jue, 10-10-2002 a las 15:56, Ari Arantes Filho escribió:
> Hi,
>     I've installed vpopmail with --enable-mysql=y and the default
> option --enable-md5-password=y, then I've tried: update vpopmail set
> pw_passwd = md5('test'), pw_clear_passwd = 'test' where pw_name = 'user1'
> and pw_domain = ''
>     It didn't work. Then I've changed md5('test') to password('test'),
> didn't work too.
>     Then I've reinstalled vpopmail with --enable-md5-password=n, it didn't
> work too.
>     I only can change password with vpasswd command. How can I change the
> password with SQL command?
> Best regards,
> Ari

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