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On Friday, October 25, 2002 at 10:02:53 PM Jason wrote:

> On Friday, October 11, 2002 at 10:38:04 AM Peter wrote:

>>       ROUND(RAND()*10),5),"0"))

> It appears that passing RAND() with no arguments to the pw_passwd field
> breaks mysql replication.

1.) Anybody who can verify this? I don't run vpopmail on MySQL for
    myself, so I can'T tell anything about this replication stuff.

2.) Jason: are you sure you used and understood the SQL command
    correctly? You should _NOT_ pass the value of RAND(), nor the
    value of RAND()*10 to "pw_passwd" field.
    The RAND() function is _ONLY_ used to pick a (more or less) random
    substring (for creating the salt).
    Therefor RAND() must be called w/o arguments, else it will produce
    the same value over and over again. (BTW: I've never seen the sense
    in a rand() function that produces the same value again and again,
    anybody who can explain the deeper thought behind this idea?)
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