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>>> why does for example  vadddomain and vdeldomain require /bin/ps ???

>> So that it can HUP qmail?

> Isn't it better to make vpopmail leave a pid file instead then?

1.) vpopmail ain't a process running at your system.
2.) What PID file qmail leaves vadddomain and vdeldomain could rely
> Cause when I chroot my qmail it doesn't have ps, nor does it have /proc

You qmail don't need the 'ps'. vadddomain and vdeldomain need the 'ps'
which both need not to be run form within chroot. If you _really need_
to run them both from within _same_ chroot() as qmail make qmail put
it's PID while starting up into a file, write a script or small
program called 'ps' that is accessible in chroot() of qmail and reads
the file (your) qmail creates.

Ain't that hard to do if you have special requirements on a special
system setup.
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