Yes I meant to say my Qmail package (including vpopmail)
there must be a solution for runing qmail+friends in a jail
patching qmail and vpopmail so it finds uses a PID file would be cool

that is what i mean't sorry if I was unclear about that...

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> Hello Raboo,
> On Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 1:55:19 PM you wrote:
> >>> why does for example  vadddomain and vdeldomain require /bin/ps ???
> >> So that it can HUP qmail?
> > Isn't it better to make vpopmail leave a pid file instead then?
> 1.) vpopmail ain't a process running at your system.
> 2.) What PID file qmail leaves vadddomain and vdeldomain could rely
>     on?
> > Cause when I chroot my qmail it doesn't have ps, nor does it have /proc
> You qmail don't need the 'ps'. vadddomain and vdeldomain need the 'ps'
> which both need not to be run form within chroot. If you _really need_
> to run them both from within _same_ chroot() as qmail make qmail put
> it's PID while starting up into a file, write a script or small
> program called 'ps' that is accessible in chroot() of qmail and reads
> the file (your) qmail creates.
> Ain't that hard to do if you have special requirements on a special
> system setup.
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