Hi list,

I've scoured the archives over and over again, and I simply can't find an
answer to my problem...

I've installed vpopmail with --enable-mysql=y and --enable-roaming-users=y,
among other option.  I've patched tcpserver with Matt Simerson's patch.  I'm
running tcpserver from my /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-stmpd/run script with
the -S option to have it use the MySQL database for looking up IP addresses
to allow relaying.  Here's the problem!

When I log into the POP server, there are absolutely NO changes made to the
relay table of the vpopmail database.  I'm at a complete loss here, as there
are absolutely no error messages given.  I know that vpopmail works fine
with the database for other functions, as I can add new users, and
authenticate to the POP server without any problems.  But...the relay table
never gets updated.

As a side note, the lastauth table doesn't reflect the IP address I'm
POPping in from...it just shows a blank field for users who have logged in,
and for all other users.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to start?

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Butts

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