At Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2002 07:36, Jeff Butts wrote:

> When I log into the POP server, there are absolutely NO changes made
> to the relay table of the vpopmail database.  I'm at a complete loss
> here, as there are absolutely no error messages given.  I know that
> vpopmail works fine with the database for other functions, as I can
> add new users, and authenticate to the POP server without any
> problems.  But...the relay table never gets updated.

which version are you running? I was faceing this problem with version 
5.2 as well. I'm currently running 5.3.6 witch works very well with 
smtpAuth and the roaming users option as well as with Matts tcpserver 
patch. I don't know how the recent version works, but I will give it a 
try within the next days.



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