On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 01:48  PM, Daniel Demacek wrote:

> Hello,
> why do I have /home/vpopmail/domains/domain.com/0 through 5 
> directories?

This happens when you reach about 100 domains.  There is a new 
configure switch to turn this off if you want.  You'll need 5.3.6 or 
later, I think.

> I'm developing web email client that read emails directly from disk, 
> and
> I'm having problems on how to determine where the user dir actually
> resides.

You should use the vpopmail API 
(http://inter7.com/vpopmail/vpopmail.html) to get the user directory.  
That will be the best method for your app.

> Also when directly deleting(rm) emails from ./Maildir/cur does
> .current_size file need to be updated or just deletion is enough.

This was deprecated in 5.2.  You should write your application to 
adhere to the Maildir++ spec, located here:



Bill Shupp

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