Matteo, thanks for the help. 

Haven't changed versions. Here's what I note: 

When I run the adddomain program for "", a directory 
/var/qmail/vpopmail/domains/ is created, with subdirs like 
postmaster/Maildir. Yet qmail as currently configured will auto-create a directory 
structure for the user when an email gets sent to them as 

Here's what I did: 

touch /tmp/reference 
sleep 60 
find /var -newer /tmp/reference 

and I got this result: 

>From what I understand, these files should have been modified: 

And everything else should have been left alone, though virtualdomains is probably ok. 
From what I understand, having the rcpthosts, locals entry, and a corresponding ldap 
record is all that's needed for qmail-ldap to pick up an email. Why all these changed 


Matteo Ridolfi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote :

> Scrive Benjamin Smith :&amp;lang=en">[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Over the past several days, I've painstakingly installed QMail 1.03,
> OpenLDAP
> > 2.0.x, qmail-scanner, SpamAssassin, and f-prot onto a mail server. It's
> all
> > working as it sits. I'm using ldap only for authentication. (either
> plaintext
> > or MD5 passwords in the LDAP DB)  
> > 
> > Now the game is to get vpopmail and sqwebmail to work, and this project
> will
> > be DONE. =) 
> > 
> > However, installing vpopmail with the ldap option fails on the first test,
> > that of vadddomain, as per the instructions README.ldap, fails. =( 
> > 
> > Doing some searching resulted in this page that indicates the problem is
> an
> > incorrect qmail.schema: 
> > 
> >;
> but he doesn't
> > give the qmail schema that works! Also, this guy indicates that he's close
> to
> > the solution, but it doesn't work. 
> >;
> > 
> > Has anybody come up with a fix for this? Am I just stuck? 
> > 
> Mmm, you don't have to use the qmail.schema if you use vpopmail, but the
> qmailUser.schema, if I well remember you can find it into the vpopmail
> sources.
> If you can't find it I'll paste it in ml...
> Then, you don't have to use the latest stable release of vpopmail, but the
> 5.3.9
> version, that works great.
> Remember to put the line
> schemacheck     off
> in your slapd.conf file
> Think that's quite all...
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