I have read the README.quotas from vpopmail 5.2.1, but I still have some

1. What is the correct way to setup per domain default-quota? How does it
   work? Where is the quota-information stored? It needs patched qmail to
   understand it?

2. How can I override the per-domain quota for some specific user in that
   domain? Just use the vsetuserquota for that user, and it then uses the
   user's own quota rather than the domain-wide quota?

3. Does courier-imapd understand the per-domain quota if user does not
   have specific quota for him/her? How about qmail's pop3d?

4. Can domain admins (postmaster) edit the per user quota from qmailadmin?
   needs some patch?

I'm currently running vpopmail 5.0.1, so I need to upgrade at least to
5.2.1.. should I upgrade to 5.3.x, are there any enhancements to quota
code compared to 5.2.1 ?

How is this qmailadmin-limits related to quota? I've been reading the
discussion on the list during last couple of days but I'm not quite sure
what is qmailadmin-limits used for..


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