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> Hello!
> I have read the README.quotas from vpopmail 5.2.1, but I still have some
> questions..
> 1. What is the correct way to setup per domain default-quota? How does it
>    work? Where is the quota-information stored? It needs patched qmail to
>    understand it?
> 2. How can I override the per-domain quota for some specific user in that
>    domain? Just use the vsetuserquota for that user, and it then uses the
>    user's own quota rather than the domain-wide quota?
> 3. Does courier-imapd understand the per-domain quota if user does not
>    have specific quota for him/her? How about qmail's pop3d?
> 4. Can domain admins (postmaster) edit the per user quota from qmailadmin?
>    needs some patch?
> I'm currently running vpopmail 5.0.1, so I need to upgrade at least to
> 5.2.1.. should I upgrade to 5.3.x, are there any enhancements to quota
> code compared to 5.2.1 ?
> How is this qmailadmin-limits related to quota? I've been reading the
> discussion on the list during last couple of days but I'm not quite sure
> what is qmailadmin-limits used for..

Quoting myself.. I played with these things a little, and it seems to be
like this:

        - With vqadmin (or by editing
~vpopmail/domains/domain/.qmailadmin-limits) you can specify maximun
number of accounts and the default quota etc for each domain.
Qmailadmin honours these limits and sets the quota like specified in
.qmailadmin-limits, if you don't specify some other quota for that

        - In vpopmail vdelivermail is responsible for handling the
Maildir++ quota when user gets new mail via SMTP. No need to patch Qmail.
I suppose vdelivermail gets the per user quota information from vpopmail
(from the backend you have compiled vpopmail with, mysql, ldap or so).

        - --enable-hardquota in vpopmail causes the mail to be bounced
back if the user is over quota. Without this option the mail will NOT be
bounced back when the user is over quota.

so.. I think that's how it works?

And in pop/imap servers you only need to update the maildirsize
file when you remove mails from the server (because pop/imap servers
can't add new files to the Maildir), correct?
Courier supports this out-of-the-box, and there is separate patch for the
qmail's pop3d too with vpopmail..

Then question about qmailadmin.. I remember reading from the archives that
somebody had a patch for qmailadmin to modify per user quota.. is that
available from someplace?

And the qmailadmin-limits discussion on the list a while ago is about
storing the contents of .qmailadmin-limits file in mysql? (Plus of course
patching vqadmin and qmailadmin to use it from mysql too).


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