On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 02:00:32PM +0100, Zeno Davatz wrote:

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> $ su vpopmail
> And then
> $ ./ezmlm-make -rdugm -5 [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/list ~/.qmail-list info-list 

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> Now if I send a Mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] I get a MAILER-DAEMON
> reply that the user [EMAIL PROTECTED] does not exist.


This is not a flame, but before you post this to the list, stop and think 
about what is actually happening.

First, you switched to the 'vpopmail' user, which is what you were supposed 
to do.

Next you ran the ezmlm-make command with several arguments that start
with ~/ .  You seem to know what ~/ implies, so think about this a little
and expand it.  ~/list is a shortcut for /home/vpopmail/list (assuming
your vpopmail home directory is /home/vpopmail).  Also, ~/.qmail-list
becomes /home/vpopmail/.qmail-list , correct?

So, you can see that this list is really setup like the following:

ezmlm-make [options] /home/vpopmail/list \
                     /home/vpopmail/.qmail-list \
                     info-list \

Are things getting clearer now?  If not, what you most likely want is:

ezmlm-make [options] /home/vpopmail/domains/yweseelocal.com/list \
                     /home/vpopmail/domains/yweseelocal.com/.qmail-list \
                     list  \

Good Luck,

Cory Wright

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