On 31.10.2002 22:24 Uhr, "Cory Wright"

> On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 02:00:32PM +0100, Zeno Davatz wrote:
> [From a different post]
>> $ su vpopmail
>> And then
>> $ ./ezmlm-make -rdugm -5 [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/list ~/.qmail-list info-list
>> yweseelocal.com
> [Previous post]
>> Now if I send a Mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] I get a MAILER-DAEMON
>> reply that the user [EMAIL PROTECTED] does not exist.
> Zeno,
> This is not a flame, but before you post this to the list, stop and think
> about what is actually happening.
I am trying my best.

> First, you switched to the 'vpopmail' user, which is what you were supposed
> to do.
Yes correct.

> Next you ran the ezmlm-make command with several arguments that start
> with ~/ .  You seem to know what ~/ implies, so think about this a little
> and expand it.  ~/list is a shortcut for /home/vpopmail/list (assuming
> your vpopmail home directory is /home/vpopmail).  Also, ~/.qmail-list
> becomes /home/vpopmail/.qmail-list , correct?
Yes. Got that.

> So, you can see that this list is really setup like the following:
> ezmlm-make [options] /home/vpopmail/list \
>                    /home/vpopmail/.qmail-list \
>                    info-list \
>                    yweseelocal.com
Yes they are clearer now. My list is actually up an running.

Thanks for your kind help.


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