Zitat von Michael Bowe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Yep, you are right, but as far as I understand template.c in qmailadmin
vauth_getall in called always using Parameter 0 ( third one ) for not
sort it. So I have the choice between calling vauth_getall with Parameter 0,
which is hardcoded or with Parameter 1, wich is also hardcoded.

So as long as in qmailadmin is no ( eg. checkbox ) to choose wether to sort entries or 
not it make no sense to to a

if ( sort =1 ) { sort; }
   else { do_not_sort; }

because it is always hardcoded in qmailadmin ( template.c ).
Adding this will be no problem and I can do this 
quickly, but I hope you understand why I
didnot implement it until now.


> I am glad to see you took action based on my recent suggestion     :-)
> I took a look at your patch, and it looks like that sorting is always used
> now?
> I think it is meant to be optional based on whether the sortit parameter of
> vauth_getall() is set to 0 or 1. Take a look at the very bottom of this page
> for more info http://inter7.com/vpopmail/vpopmail.html
> So I think the ldap_sort_entries command needs to be wrapped with a
>     if ( sortit == 1 ) {
>     }
> or similar.

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