It does support /etc/passwd to cdb, that is for sure.  I use it all the time
to convert old sendmail installations to qmail.  Bit of a drag having to
replace the passwd file though, I wish it could read from another file in
passwd format.

>From reading through the source it appears to use built in functions,
limiting you to the real /etc/passwd file.

I know this doesn't help with your MySQL import, but it does work passwd ->



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On Monday, November 4, 2002, at 11:38  AM, Stephen Spicer wrote:

> Has anyone had a problem with the vconvert utility.
> When trying to convert entry's from my /etc/passwd file to
> a MySql database only two of the entry's get parsed, all other
> are ignored. Now errors are reported.
> Their are over 1000 entry's in the passwd file, excluding the system
> accounts.
> I am doing a: vconvert -e -m Possible that I'm using it incorrectly ?

I didn't think vconvert supported /etc/passwd users, just going from
cdb to sql, etc.  I'd have to look at the source, though.


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