Oh forget to add the message details for that in correct receiving time

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Subject: FW: time on our mail server
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It seems nothing wrong in this eml but in all email clients(clock is definitly
correct) the received time is ahead of time.



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Subject: Re: [vchkpw] qustion on vpopmail + qmail pop mail time not correct

> This is not a vpopmail issue and thus is off topic for this list.
> Lucy writes:
> > I have a quesiton on vpopmail+qmail receive time problem,
> > qmail smtp mail time is correct , but as I get messages
> > that state received tomorrow.
> Make sure that the time and timezone is correct on the server running qmail.
> It isn't qmail's fault if your clock is set incorrectly.  Another
> possibility is that your mail client is incorrectly displaying the times.
> Show us an example message with full headers that illustrates this problem,
> along with the corresponding qmail log entries.
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