I've wondered about the clear passwords.  Whether or not i compile vpopmail
with --enable-clear-passwd=y  it still stores a clear text password.  I was
wondering if it does this regardless.  It seems that its trying to pull the
password from the pw_clear_password field and not the encrypted one.  My
thoughts are maybe vchkpw doesn't even match against the encrypted password,
but only matches against the clear text password.

Any thoughts?

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Subject: [vchkpw] vpop and mysql problems (migration from linux to solaris)

> hello all
> Having a little problem here, and thought i would seek help.
> I have a working vpopmail 5.3.7 on linux with mysql 3.23.32 and qmail,
> and I want to move the environment over to a solaris box.
> The solaris box is Solaris 8 with vpopmail 5.3.7 and mysql 3.23.42 and
> I compile and install vpopmail with nice options on the solaris box, tar
> up the relevant /home/vpopmail/domains etc temp user and other stuff (no
> bin or libs of course) and also copy them across to the solaris machine
> Then on the Linux box I do a mysqldump --opt vpopmail > vpopmail.sql and
> populate the mysql database on the solaris box with vpopmail.sql
> I connect to the new sql server and check, the data seems there.
> but when I telnet to 110 to my new solaris server to see if it all works i
> get this
> ok
> pass xxxxxxxx
> vmysql: sql error[3]: Unknown column 'pw_clear_passwd' in 'field list'
> -ERR authorization failed
> Connection closed by foreign host
> Now, Im not too up on the tables and fields the vpopmail populates in a
> mysql database but surely for the same version of vpopmail on different
> OSes, i should have no problem
> Can anyone enlighten me on this error, my SQL needs improving.
> Many thanks
> nicholas

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