Currently I use a separate system user for each domain,
and I bundle mail & web together with one quota.

I have a patched vdelivermail that enforces both per-user
and per-domain quotas, but not through maildir quotas.

I just submitted the patch for the vlimits data structure
and am currently updating the latest vdelivermail to use 
this API and enforce the quotas.  The new data structure
keeps track of the per-domain information.

I'll put in support for maildir quotas, but I'm wondering if
I should allow a switch or compile time option to enforce
disk based quotas instead/as well.  The only problem I forsee
is what happens if files are written into the area by another
program (i.e. qmail or procmail).  What if they don't support
the maildir quotas?  Then we need the disk based quotas.  Also,
if there are .qmail files or other control/data files there,
should they be included in the disk usage?  Of course the
maildir quotas don't include them, but the disk based does.



  > HI,
  > I was just wondering if creating a separate system user for each domain is 
  > still the only way of having a total quota for a domain rather than quotas 
  > for each user?
  > Is anyone working on adding support to vpopmail for domain based quotas 
  > the the vpopmail.vchkpw user?
  > cheers, Iain.

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