Please correct me if I'm wrong...

As far as I understand, the domain quota code included in the last development version of vpopmail is NOT 100% compatible with other programs like sqwebmail, courier, ecc., so you may have some disalignments, depending on the products you're using.


At 26/03/03 26/03/03 +0100, Jonas Pasche wrote:
Hi Rick,

> Is it possible to set a quota for an entire domain using vpopmail?

One of the top ten questions on the list. You didn't check the archives,
didn't you? :)

In short:

For the stable version of vpopmail, there is no domain quota support,
but you can create the domain under a dedicated system user and use
system quotas for that user.

In the latest development version of vpopmail, experimental domain quota
support is included.


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