Hi List,
 this is my fifth attempt to make the LDAP-Code
 more robust. I didn't release my 
 fourth-version,because it contained some bugs.
 Note, this is not an incremental patch. It includes all my previous patches. 

 This is a major update to the LDAP-code. It
 contains serveral new helper 
 functions.Of course I know vldap.c is not the place to add general 
 functions, but I did this to avoid huge patches overall the vpopmail-code from 
 which I do not know wether they are accepted.

 These functions are security related to extremely avoid buffer-overflows by 

 - safe_malloc
 - safe_free
 - safe_strdup

 I am very interested in you opinion !!
 My patches are all tested and are used in a production environment.
 You are 
 welcome to give them a chance.

 Copy it to you vpopmail-dir, gunzip and apply it:
 patch -p0 < patch-ldap-5

 This patch is against vpopmail-5.3.8 but it should apply cleanly against 
 vpopmail-5.3.9. I do not quite know who is the LDAP-maintainer at inter7. 
 So I hope this is the right address to post my patches.

 - Works with OpenLDAP-2.1.x
 - Add sort-patch
 - Major code clean up
 - Support for LDAP-error messages in all LDAP-related functions - do not just 
 quit silent
 - Avoid buffer-overflows by design
 - Code is much more readable
 - Fixed several compiler-warning concering pointer-reference and type 


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