Dear ALL,

            Iˇ¦ve just installed my qmail with daemontools, and itˇ¦s run ok.

            And now I need the qmail also support the roaming user, so I follow ˇ§The qmail Handbookˇ¨ to install the vpopmail.

            I add the file ˇ§~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtpˇ¨,

            File include the following:




            then I use ˇ§tcpsules ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.temp < ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtpˇ¨ convert it into tcp.smtp.cdb file,

            but it canˇ¦t convert, it said ˇ§tcprules: fatal: unable to parse this line 127.0.0.:allow,RELAYCLIENT=\ˇ¨\ˇ¨ˇ¨


            Can you tell me whatˇ¦s wrong of my setting?

            Please help.



Best Regards,

Calder Chung




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