Cory Wright wrote:
>   You needed to run 'make distclean' before you ran ./configure again.

Did distclean and recompiled and it looks like I'm making headway now.
Now, the maillog shows "vchkpw: password failier [EMAIL PROTECTED]:".
I assume that this means that it in fact found thomasj at 
but it isn't getting the password correct.

Cory Wright wrote:
>   Anyway, if your problem still is not solved, show us the full ./configure 
>   command you ran.

I used:
   [root@Gabbs-01 vpopmail-5.2.1]# ./configure --enable-roaming-users=y 
   --enable-valias=y --enable-relay-clear-minutes=20 
   --enable-ucspi-dir=../ucspi-tcp-0.88 --enable-logging=y 

The following is what it compiled to:

           vpopmail 5.2.1
            Current settings

vpopmail directory = /home/vpopmail
               uid = 7797
               gid = 2209
          ip alias = OFF --enable-ip-alias-domains=n (default)
address extentions = OFF --enable-qmail-ext=n (default)
     roaming users = ON  --enable-roaming-users=y
    tcpserver file = /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp
    open_smtp file = /home/vpopmail/etc/open-smtp
        user quota = OFF --enable-defaultquota=NOQUOTA default
table optimization = many domains --enable-many-domains=y default
       auth module = cdb default
  system passwords = OFF --enable-passwd=n default
      file locking = ON  --enable-file-locking=y default
         file sync = OFF --enable-file-sync=n default disable vdelivermail fsync
      auth logging = ON  --enable-auth-logging=y default
     mysql logging = OFF --enable-mysql-logging=n default
      clear passwd = ON  --enable-clear-passwd=y (default)
 valias processing = ON  --enable-valias=y
        pop syslog = show successful and failure login attempts
    default domain =
          auth inc = -Icdb
          auth lib =

Tom S.

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