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> hi ppl all want is to bounce some email. on the instruction no. 3  on
>  the FAQ of vpopmail. what should i do next. do i have to create each
> .qmail-default for each user.

.qmail-default is _default_ (who'd have guessed) if _no user_
dot-qmail is found. Therefor you do need it only once per domain.

> do i have restart qmail.


As a side note: I think I didn't get your problem completely. If your
question persists, maybe you should write some more sentences.
1.) not what you want, but what you've already tried, the more
    detailed the better (up to 2 DIN-A4 pages of text :-) )
2.) what the effect was, not what you expected it to be
3.) if there where some: the error messages from log files.

Maybe you want to read


#6 and #7, and follow the link in #6.
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Peter Palmreuther

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